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Traditional Thai Foot Massage

Steve Woolley - M.B.R.A. BA

Traditional Thai foot massage therapist since 2014.

How Thai Foot Massage Helps You

Traditional Thai Foot Massage is a relaxing, pleasant and enjoyable experience, but it offers much more than an opportunity for some relaxation. It is a preventative therapy  helping to maintain the body in better health, as well as a treatment for specific conditions.

 It prevents and helps with many disorders, for example:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Stress and tension
  • Asthma
  • Constipation
  • Sinusitis

It also…

  • Stimulates the activity of the internal organs
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation
  • Gives greater concentration and clarity of mind
  • Improves mood
  • Promotes better sleep

The Treatment Session

The initial treatment includes a consultation session to determine any existing health conditions, and a brief assessment of your lifestyle.

The foot massage treatment takes about 60 minutes.

It is recommended the client wears comfortable loose fitting trousers to allow access to the lower legs up to the knees.

The client lies in a comfortable position with the feet slightly raised, cream is then  applied to the feet and lower legs. A precise sequence of massage movements using the hands and a traditional Thai massage stick forms the basis of the treatment. These techniques stimulate specific reflex points and energy (sen) lines encouraging the flow of the body’s energy to flow from the feet and up through the body.

It’s Popularity and Importance in Thailand

No visit to Thailand would be complete without trying a relaxing Thai Foot Massage. It is a huge part of the Thai daily way of life. This is evident in the streets and in the lively night markets, where rows of massage chairs can be seen occupied by both locals and tourists relaxing, enjoying and gaining the benefits that it offers.

It is something that is incorporated into the Thai way of life being a means of treating injuries and illness, as well  as a way of helping to keep healthy, using it as a preventative therapy. In Thailand you have a foot massage for better health.

Thais know the importance the feet play in keeping the body and mind balanced; there is evidence throughout their history and culture in schools, hospitals and temples. This evidence is seen in pictures, ancient documents, religious statues and carved figures. The most famous statue being the reclining Buddha standing 15 metres high and 46 metres long housed in Wat Po Temple. Its reflex points are represented by mother of pearl inlays on the soles of its feet.

Wat Po Temple Massage School

I have trained in this technique at the original Thai medical and massage school in Bangkok. It was the first centre for higher learning in Thailand.

The Wat Po Thai foot massage style has become one of the most worldwide recognised therapeutic and relaxing massage styles there is.

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Steve Woolley - M.B.R.A. BA

Traditional Thai foot massage therapist since 2014.